We specialise in lamination of textiles and knitted fabrics by flame and adhesive lamination methods.

We meet all client requirements and ensure quality production in line with the specifications. Our focus is on the accuracy of the completed products.

We work immediately and, depending on the size of the order, we can process them from 3 to 7 days maximum.
We have been providing polyurethane foam textile adhesive services for over 18 years. During this time, we have gained a high level of experience in the area of flame lamination.
About the company
18 years of experience in the industry

The company has been on the market since 2004. We have been specializing in lamination and flame laminating for over 18 years.

During this period, we have acquired a number of significant clients – manufacturers of furniture, footwear, clothing, automotive, medical or military industry for whom we produce laminates and provide lamination services.

We approach our Clients with loyalty, and we try to create a high level of trust, therefore, most of the companies we cooperate with have been with us for years on the rapidly developing textile and related fashion market.

Our offer
Flame lamination
We provide lamination services and manufacture laminates used in a number of industries.
Furniture lamination
Laminates we produce are widely used in the furniture industry, especially in the production of furniture such as sofas, armchairs and pouffes.
Footwear / clothing lamination
We produce laminates used in the footwear and clothing industry. Multilayer laminates, also with membrane.
Automotive lamination
The laminates we produce are used in the automotive industry mainly as seat covers.
Medical lamination
The laminates we make are often used in medical applications such as orthoses.
Military lamination
The laminates produced for this industry are widely used in military applications for products such as insoles, footwear, military clothing, rucksacks, tents or waistcoats.
We provide transport to any location.
We want the goods to always arrive on time.
Delivery truck
We provide transport services in every part of Poland. We use our own delivery truck.
Two-axle trailer
For smaller shipments, we also offer a two-axle trailer that can be used to deliver smaller batches of products.
Working with transport companies
We cooperate with trusted shipping companies and use the largest transport exchange allowing us to adjust the shipment to client’s requirements.
About the lamination process
What is it?

The flame lamination technology is based on an adhesive bonding of textiles with polyurethane foam. Such an effect is obtained through the process of flame treatment of the polyurethane foam, which causes melting of the glue that ultimately bonds the layers. This enables us to combine different types of products such as fabrics, non-wovens, PVC or various types of foils.

Depending on the client’s needs and preferences, we select the colour, thickness or type of foam. We produce laminates with a width of up to 200 cm.

We manufacture any quantity – there is no minimum order quantity.

It is possible to cut the material to the width required by the client.

Why choose our company?
Why us?
We provide our Clients with a comprehensive service, from individually selected offers, through quality production tailored to their needs, to the delivery of the product to the designated place.
Satisfied clients
Completed orders
more than 5 thousand
Industry experience
18 years
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