Kosów 11A
26-624 Kowala
tel. 692 169 152
e-mail: goran.wojtek@tlen.pl

About the company

The company Goran exists since 2004. We deal in laminating woven and knitted fabrics in the flame and adhesive process. Thanks to dynamic development the company had gathered over a short period of time many new, important customers - manufacturers of furniture, shoes, clothing, automotive components, etc., for whom we manufacture laminates and provide lamination services.

The company Goran is characterised presently by large dynamics of changes in each area of its activities, which allows us to fulfil all requirements of clothing manufacturers operating on the difficult and quickly developing fabric and the related fashion markets.

The goal of our company is constant self-perfection and fulfilment of our customers needs.

We cooperate with manufacturers from Central and Eastern Europe.
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